So we are Christ's ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us. We speak for Christ when we plead, "Come back to God!"

2 Corinthians 5:20


Through the victory of Jesus Christ on the cross, evil times have ended. Light has come and heaven is near, but do we really see that around us in our daily lives? Heaven invaded earth through Jesus. How does heaven invade earth today?

In different countries around the world, there are Latvian embassies that represent Latvia and follow Latvian laws. The highest person in the embassy is the ambassador, who was sent by his country. His responsibility is to represent Latvia and the Latvian people. 

The Kingdom of Christ has many “embassies” around the world. Ambassadors of Christ walk in the authority, strength, and anointing of the Heavenly Kingdom, fully representing who sent them. Who are these ambassadors? Where can you find them? DO YOU KNOW what it looks like when heaven invades earth through Christ’s ambassadors?

For the seventh year, History Makers is inviting young people from around Latvia and other countries to unite together in one place with one purpose – to glorify Jesus! This year’s theme is “MESSENGERS”. If you desire to worship God, listen to His Word and be encouraged to be a messenger for Christ; register today!

January 26-27

Irlavas 7





God has saved Gareth from an addicts lifestyle and now runs HOPE ministry. Through HOPE bus ministry, Gareth and his team are able to impact the lives of many young people on the streets who are addicted to drugs and come from broken homes.

Gareth Hayes


Doug has a heart for the Gospel to reach Latvia. He pours out his heart when he preaches and has reached many people in the US and Latvia.

Doug Linser


For many years, Agne has been one for the leaders of the Lithuanian youth organization “Unity”. Organizing many youth evenings, camps, and many other events where she has the opportunity to reach many young people in Lithuania.

Agne Surdokaite


Victor has dedicated his life to work with young people. His heart is passionate to see young people turn back to God. He encourages everyone to see their value in God and to go preach to their friends, family, and all the world.

Victor Volchenko


History Makers team has a heart beat to serve others and create an atmosphere of humility and glory to God whether leading worship, activities, cooking food or cleaning toilets. All is done to the glory of God!

History Makers team


January 26


17.00 Registration
18.30 Small Stage
19.00 Session 1

January 27


9.00 Session 2
11.00 Break
11.20 Session 3
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Small stage
14.30 Session 4
17.00 Dinner
17.30 Small stage
18.00 Session 5

Apply to be a volunteer

To apply or find out more information about volunteering, fill out the survey below. 

Be aware, that to be a volunteer in the conference, you have to know Latvian, thus the application is in Latvian. 



Important Questions

The conference will be held at Irlavas Street 7, in Riga. 

The cost per person is 10 EUR (without food) or 16 EUR (with lunch and dinner on Saturday) . 

There is an opportunity to register as a group for a discount. To register as a group, one person needs to register for the conference and then he will receive a link to give to the rest of the group to use to register. For group registration, you need at least 5 people. Cost per person then is 7 EUR (without food) or 13 EUR (with lunch and dinner on Saturday).

Be aware, to receive the group discount, EVERY group member has to pay at least half of their costs until January 20. If not, no one in the group will receive the discount! 

Be aware, if you choose price with food, it is MANDATORY to pay at least half of your fees until January 20th! Otherwise, we cannot garauntee your meals. 

There isn't any age limit but our target group is for young people ages 15-30. But all are welcome to join. 

For an extra cost (6 euros) we can give you lunch and dinner on Saturday. Also, there is an option to buy food from different cafes and shops not far from the event location. There will be alloted time given to go get food on Saturday. 

During the conference time, there will be a possibility to stay overnight at Agenskalns Baptist Church, Marupes Street 14, Riga. (About 20 minutes from the conference location by public transport) Cost is 1 euro for the night. To sign up, contact Ranta (; +37122318723)!

It is not possible to reserve seats. The door to the hall will be open only a few minutes before the event starts. 

There will be an opportunity to buy some History Makers products for our shop (ex. t-shirts) and also some snacks. 

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